Actua Soccer, Geoff Capes v Superdog and Michael Jordan’s biggest haul | Classic YouTube

This week’s roundup also features motorbiking biff, Montserratian heartache and Jesse Owens in full flight

1) It wasn’t always a case of Fifa v Pro Evo. For a spell in the mid-90s, EA’s juggernaut had two other rivals – the still-loved Sensible Soccer, but also the little-lamented Actua Soccer, Gremlin Interactive’s groundbreaking title which was the first fully 3D home videogaming take on football. This time next year it will be a quarter of a century old, but some of the series’ glitches and Barry Davies commentary snippets will live forever.

2) During the motorcycling in Costa Rica, leaping from bike to bike is apparently the done thing. And then having a bit of biff, before walking off, more or less oblivious to the fact that there’s a race still happening (both riders have been suspended for two years). Plenty more racing rucks here, starting with a textbook two-footed leap and stroppy helmet fling combo.

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