A transfer window for managers? It will happen but for the wrong reasons | Marina Hyde

The deadline day drama is flagging and football’s content era is desperately in need of new characters

“In Argentina we say that the job is the electric chair,” Mauricio Pellegrino explained last week of the manager’s gig. “It is not easy to stay in the seat.” The fact that it is easier to stay in an electric chair than almost any other seat – historically, occupants have ended to be strapped to it at multiple points – is irrelevant. We know what the Southampton manager means. And if we don’t, the statistic that eight out of 20 of this season’s Premier League managers had been shown the electrodes by mid-January should bring home the reality of the bronco ride.

As the player transfer window closes, then, there are the familiar worries that things may be amiss. So out of control is the Least Continent League in the World TM deemed that some have revived talk of a managerial transfer window, to temper clubs’ mad pursuit of the short-term managerial bounce. This, it is thought, would force owners to stop chasing waterfalls, and stick to the rivers and lakes they should get used to.

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