A Real Madrid WhatsApp group that ??Him isn’t part of

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As the 28 other blokes on this year’s 30-man Ballon d’Or shortlist arranged their features in full-on Oscar split-screen I’m-so-happy-for-him sincerity mode last night, the tension was palpable. There were so many questions. Would Lionel Messi win the award for a sixth time, pulling two ahead of Him? Would Him win it a fifth time, drawing level with Messi? Would any well known German journalist and BT Sport pundit currently hawking a book about Jürgen Klopp be foolish enough to venture his thoughts on the outcome on social media disgrace Twitter, in the process prompting the kind of mouth-foaming-fan-boy outrage that makes the kind of reaction with which Donald Trump’s pig-ignorant-late-night musings seem like tumbleweed blowing through an abandoned Western frontier town?

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