1966 World Cup: how apathy turned to joy in England’s golden summer | Simon Burnton

On the 50th anniversary of the final, we speak to organisers, fans and players who recall that what is now looked upon as England’s finest hour was actually a poorly arranged and often sparsely attended tournament until the realisation that the hosts might actually win it

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On 15 April 1966, over a psychedelic collage of city landmarks, outlandish cars and even more outlandish clothing, the cover of Time magazine described London as “the swinging city”. “In this century, every decade has had its city,” the cover story explained. “Today, it is London, a city steeped in tradition, seized by change, liberated by affluence, graced by daffodils and anemones. In a decade dominated by youth, London has burst into bloom. It swings; it is the scene.”

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